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My Return to Quarriers

  While on business in Glasgow in late March I took the opportunity to return to Quarriers Village for a few hours.  Tony Williams kindly picked me up at the airport hotel and gave me a tour around the Village.  It was just as beautiful as it was during our historic visit last September.  Daffodils and hyacinths were flowering everywhere.  Our maple trees (which were planted in the Maple Grove by Jack Kerr and Peter Graham)  were just beginning to leaf.  Work has started on the flower beds in the Grove.  The restoration of the old school has not yet begun but could start as early as this summer.  Tony showed me where the proposed 16 villas would be located adjacent to the school.  Before returning to Glasgow we stopped by the administration building where I renewed my acquaintance with most of the staff we met last fall.  They all asked me to relay their greetings and best wishes to everyone in the Quarriers Canadian Family.

  During my visit it occurred to me that perhaps one way we could help Quarriers would be to incorporate the Quarriers Canadian Family as a charitable non-profit organization.  This would not only allow us to provide Quarriers with financial aid for important projects such as the Maple Grove and the Museum but also provide an income tax deduction to those members (and non-members) making donations.  Quarriers Canadian Family could become a true charitable organization with the help of everyone.

William Robertson

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