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We are presently accumulating a small library of photos and related materials which we will reproduce for a nominal fee.  If you are interested about acquiring any of the following items please contact Melanie King for sizes and pricing.

  1. Aerial Photo of Quarriers Village Scotland
  2. Photo of Fairknowe home taken from the south circa 1940
  3. 1905 Girls Party at Fairknowe
  4. 1922 Boys and Girls Party on board the Cameronia
  5. 1923 Boys and Girls Party at Fairknowe
  6. 1925 Boys Party at Fairknowe
  7. 1925 Girls Party on board the Letitia
  8. 1927 Boys Party at Fairknowe
  9. 1930 Boys Party at Fairknowe
  10. Photo of Original Quarriers Kids on stage at Kingston Gathering 1996

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